Application of the Critical Theory

Signature Files by Walter Jensen -- These are the statements that I have created and used in the past. Hopefully, it has caused my e-mail recipients to think and analyze their life goals. If you do not know how to build a signature file click this line.

  • "Socialism is the Redistribution of what the Wealthy, with help of the Yuppies, have stolen from US" -- W. Jensen (Added 11-11-09)
  • 'State's Rights' breeds inequality among the states (Added 11-01-05)
  • "Bush and Cheney, working for a better Yesterday"
  • What are you doing for human kind? This implies that you have evolved past your solipsistic and narcissistic behavior. PS. If you had to exploit someone to make the money, your charitable contributions don't count.
  • United States of America is not "One Nation Under God," It's "One Nation Under the Constitution!"
  • "If liberals ran the Media, it would have no commercials"
  • "Contrary to popular Conservative belief, Jesus was a Liberal!"
  • "Vote Conservative - Look what it did for Nazi party before World War II"
  • "Contrary to popular Christian mythology, American is not, nor has it ever been, a Christian nation. The United States of America is one nation under the completely secular document known as the U.S. Constitution but don't take my word for it, read the U.S. Constitution for yourself."
  • "The Motto, "In God We Trust" is only on our currency because of the hysteria of McCarthyism in the mid 1950s"