Application of the Critical Theory

Introductory books on the Critical Theory

  • 1980 ~ Introduction to Critical Theory: Horkheimer to Habermas by David Held (ISBN 0-520-04175-5)
  • 1980 ~ The Frankfurt School: An Analysis of the Contradictictions and Crises of Liberal Capitalist Societies by Richard A. Brosio (ISBN )
  • 1982 ~ The Essential Frankfurt School Reader edited by Andrew Arato & Eike Gebhardt (ISBN 0-8264-0194-5)
  • 1984 ~ The Frankfurt School and its Critics by Tom Bottomore (ISBN 0-415-28539-9)
  • 1986 ~ Critique, Norm, and Utopia: A Study of the Foundations of Critical Theory by Seyla Benhabib (ISBN 0-231-06165-X)
  • 1989 ~ Critical Theory and Society: A Reader edited by Stephen Eric Bronner and Douglas MacKay Kellner (ISBN 0-415-90041-7)
  • 1990 ~ Critical Theory: The Essential Readings by David Ingram and Julia Simon-Ingram (ISBN 1-55778-353-5)

Authors recommended for further understanding of the Critical Theory

First Generation of the Frankfurt School (links to wiki)

Second Generation of the Frankfurt School

Emerging Generation

If you know of other Critical Theorist that are missing from this list, please E-mail their name or names to me (listing of their work would be nice but not completely necessary) and I will add them to the list asap.

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