Application of the Critical Theory

What is the School of Americas?
By Walter Jensen

The School of Americas (AKA: SOA, School of Coups, and dubbed the School of Assassins by a Panamanian newspaper) is a mobile, higher learning and training center created, funded, and sustained by the CIA since 1946. In other words, the SOA is the United States of America's terrorist camp. Its curriculum teaches politics, economics, assassination, political upheaval, and modern weapon training in order to create and maintain a dictatorship. In South and Central American, SOA graduates are used by land barons to stop land reform and democracy. It has had an annual graduating class of 2000 since 1946 and has accepted "students" from 23 countries (that's over 100,000 experts in counter insurgency and assassination, paid by US TAX DOLLARS). Since being kicked out of Panama (due to the Panama Canal Treaty), the SOA has set up shop in Fort Benning, Georgia. In December of 2000, the SOA had its name changed to the 'Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation,' AKA - WHISC. Some of the former graduates are:

  • Manuel Noriega (Panama)
  • Vladimiro Montesinos (Peru)
  • Gustavo Alvarez Martinez (Honduras)
  • Roberto Viola (Argentina)
  • Hugo Banzer (Bolivia)
  • Guillermo Rodriguez (Ecuador)
  • A great majority of the Contras
  • Hugo Roberto (Guatemala)
  • The assassin that killed Salvadoran Archbishop Romero

All these facts have been documented by the 'SOA Watch,' along with thousands of other murders performed by SOA graduates. According to the Critical Theory, the SOA is one of the barriers against society's push towards Alternative Future #3. Help end the life of this organization, regardless of what they call it. First, download the free, print-ready version of the SOA Watch Info by clicking this line. Next, write your US Representative, US Senators, and tell them to cancel the funding for the SOA (AKA WHISC) and help stop terrorism!

For more information contact
SOA Watch
1719 Irving Street
Washington, DC - 20010
1 (202) 234-3340
or visit them on the World Wide Web at SOA Watch.

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