What kind of patriot are you?!?

I am a constitutional patriot. In other words, I whole heartily agree with Thomas Paine's statement, "The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion."

I believe that we are responsible for our government because we are the government. If you don't like what your government is doing, turn off your corporate news (ABC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX), put down your beer, put out your cigarette, get off your couch, and get informed. John Stuart Mill said, "Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people... it is true that most stupid people are conservative." If you want to keep your job and make sure that there is a job for your children and grandchildren, write your government representatives and tell them to castrate Corporate America and its quest for cheaper labor and free raw material. In other words, help stop the US military from standing guard while our American businessmen rape and plunder the natural resources of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I also believe that when our government fails to uphold rules within the constitution they should be fired (such as the case with Bush II). In short, not only is it our right, as citizens of the USA, to criticizes our government's actions but our duty. When our government fails, we as a nation fail. Not only do we fail to secure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for our citizens; we failed to do our part in maintaining world peace. The role of our government is not world domination. The role of our government is improving the lives of its citizens and defending its citizens against real threats to our civil liberties and world peace. In 1939, Hitler became a threat to world peace. Hitler invaded Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland for their cheap labor and raw materials. If you think there is any similarity between Saddam Hussein and Hitler, your stupid when it comes to history.

The constitution was not written in stone. Nor was the constitution created to defend and/or maintain the driving philosophy behind capitalism. In other words, we need to update our constitution. These new amendments should guarantee that every citizen should have free health care from qualified medical professionals, social security benefits that are equal to mean (average) yearly income of a working citizen, that social security benefits should begin at the age of 60, free daycare for our future citizens from properly paid and properly educated professionals, free college and graduate education, free communication by way of cell phone and internet service, and, last but not least, free domicile (home) utilities. Is it not time that we as a nation cut the national defense budget by 2/3 because we have no one to defend ourselves from? The president and Corporate America should not make enemies in order to defend US citizens from those enemies.

In order to generate proper citizens we need to address four problems: poor salaries for educators, the link between school budgets and local property taxes, political campaign finance reform, and candidates paying for political commercials. First, lawyers should not make more money than teaches. In other words, educators should be one of the highest, if not the highest, paid group of citizens in our country. We need well-educated individuals to help solve the future problems of our nation and not more businessmen or, in the case of California, actors. Actors and businessmen have the same ability to run our government as used car salesmen have the ability to build nuclear submarines with tongue depressors. Second, we should uncouple the link between the school's budget and local property tax. In other words, no matter where the child lives or how rich its community is, every child should get the same dollar value in education. Third, we should remove the strangle hold that Corporate America has on our government representatives. A constitutional amendment that states something like 'No citizen, organization, business, or corporation can give more than 0.005% of the mean wage of a working US citizen, per year, to any politician or political organization.' In other words, if the mean wage of a US citizen is 40,000 a year, the most any one person can give to any politician or political organization is $200. Finally, any organization that transmits a TV or radio signal must give no less than ten 30 second 'spots' a week, with out compensation, to any and all candidates who are running for public office.