You talk about all these social changes and programs, that you feel are a right and not a privilege, how do you suggest to pay for them?

  • Abolishing All Forms of Corporate Welfare: Their is no reason for US corporations to be given tax dollars to set-up shop in other countries. If you don't know what corporate welfare is, I suggest that you read TIME magazine's article (10-09-1998) concerning corporate welfare which can be found here.
  • Abolishing All Right of Inheritance: This would end the psedu nobility of the rich being born into money. In addition, it would also return the money that was stolen from the American people by theft ( Enron, etc.), price gouging (oil companies), and subterfuge (automotive and software manufactures) to the coffer's of the US treasury.
  • Gross Income Graduated Tax: For individuals, a graduated income tax bases on gross income, not net income. This would eliminate all tax loopholes and cause everyone to pay their fair share.
  • Tax the Speculators: A 10% tax on all stock transfers, regardless of whether the stock is cashed in or just traded for another stock. This would remove some of the leaches (a.k.a. 'day traders') from the US economy and, hopefully, stop wild fluctuations in the US stock market.
  • End Corporate Feudalism: Make it illegal for US corporations to own or lease, stock or property in foreign countries. And by the same token, to keep foreign corporations from manipulating the US economy, foreign corporations can not own or lease, stock or property in America. This way we could reverse the trend of outsourcing jobs to the cheapest third world country, force corporations to start manufacturing products within their own nation, and stop corporations from dictating policy in their own country and other nations. In other words, put an end to the World Trade Organization (WTO), North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and 'World Bank Group.'

Revised 12-07-2003