You seem to be an intelligent and educated individual, so why are you liberal?

This seems to be the most insulting question I have received so far. It insinuates that only stupid, uneducated, individuals waste their time promoting liberal causes. It seems that conservatives or ignorant individuals fail to remember the liberal programs in the last century. Things like Suffrage movement, Civil Rights, GI Bill, minimum wage laws, and social security, just to name a few of the hundred of liberal programs that occurred during this century. The liberal position incorporates the belief that the government should be responsible for providing the minimum conditions necessary for individuals to exist. Liberals, like myself, defined "minimum conditions" as the right to complete health care coverage, nourishing food, and free education. I stress the free education because of two reasons. First, it creates informed citizens who are more capable of sifting through the media, political, and religious spin that is so inherent to our society. Second, you can get more taxes out of an individual who makes 50,000 a year then an individual making 15,000 a year. Contrary to conservative ideology 'liberal' is not a 4-letter word.