Application of the Critical Theory

Miscellaneous Mythology - Here are a few myths that people have accepted to be true or factual, but are not.

The GRE can predict which graduate students will succeed and which will fail. FMI read the Skeptical Inquirer
"The GRE as Fringe Science"
by Kenneth Oldfield (1998, Vol.6 No.1),
"The GRE as Fringe Science; Another Look" (1998, Vol.6 No.3),
"Oldfield Responds" (1998, Vol.6 No.3),
"GRE Measures Test Taking Skill" by Kristine D. (1998, Vol.6 No.3), &
"Fake GRE Words" by Ivan Stanko (1998, Vol.6 No.3)

Michael Drosnin's "The Bible Code" is worth the paper it is written on. FMI read "Hidden Messages and the Bible Code" by David E. Thomas in the Skeptical Inquirer (Nov./Dec. 1997, Vol.21 No.6) or click here.

There is a face on Mars. FMI read "Mars Global Surveyor Photographs "Face on Mars" by David Morrison in the Skeptical Inquirer (July/Aug. 1998, Vol.22 No.4)

Magnetic Therapy works. FMI read "Magnetic Therapy: Plausible Attraction?" by James D. Livingston in the Skeptical Inquirer (July/Aug. 1998, Vol.22 No.4)