Application of the Critical Theory

Learn about the Holocaust - this page is offered to give proof of the effects of Nationalism, Fascism, and those who deny the history of the Holocaust.

"I believe in God and the world to come.
When each of us comes before the six million,
We will be asked what we did with our lives...
I will say, I did not forget you..." - Simon Wiesenthal

By no means is this a list of all the web pages on the Internet devoted to the Holocaust, to find more just type in the word "Holocaust" in to any search engine. I used WWW.HOTBOT.COM and received 118,986 matches.

If you would like to understand why some people deny the fact that the Holocaust happen, Michael Shermer has dedicated Chapter 13 (Who Says The Holocaust Never Happened, and Why Do They Say It) and 14 (How We Know The Holocaust Happened) in this book 'Why People believe Weird Things' (ISBN 0-7167-3387-0)