Application of the Critical Theory

Presidential Pardons
By Walter Jensen

Did you know Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon?

According to Families Against Mandatory Minimums Foundation (FAMM Foundation), "Ronald Reagan dispensed 393 pardons and 13 commutations during his tenure." I bet you didn't know that?

As Paul Slansky recorded the news, at that time, in his book "The Clothes Have No Emperor" (ISBN 0-671-67339-4), Former FBI officials W. Mark Felt and Edward S. Miller, convicted of authorizing illegal break-ins during the Nixon years, were "pardoned by President Reagan, who claims they served the nation 'with great distinction'" (4/15/1981). Slansky also recorded the fact that President Reagan pardoned George Steinbrenner (1/18/1989). Mr.Steinbrenner was convicted of making illegal contributions to the 1972 Nixon campaign. Did you know that?

How about a little more light on the subject? Can you handle that? According to Lycos' Almanac, "(George) Bush in 1992 granted pardons to six officials involved in the scandal, including Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, who was accused of lying to Congress about his knowledge of the arms-for-hostages deals. The pardon meant that Weinberger would not have to testify, keeping secret the involvement of senior Reagan administration officials, including Bush."


How long will the Media keep beating this dead horse? It appears that many of our presidents have issued pardons to those individuals who helped them get into or stay in the White House. When will the Media start telling the whole truth? The Media's ridiculous coverage of Clinton's pardons just adds creditability to the bumper sticker from, The media are only as liberal as the conservative businesses that own them.


Revised 03-02-2000

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