Application of the Critical Theory

World's Greediest People-- the following is a list of the world's richest or greediest (depending on how you look at it) people according to Forbes magazine. Try to remember that their is less then 1,000 billionaires amoung 6.2 billion people on this planet, thats 0.0000161290% of the world population are billionairs.

Don't Be fooled: Someone who makes a billion dollars a year, gives one million dollars to charity equals .001% of their total yearly income. That's the same as a middle class American, someone who makes 45,000 a year, gives 45 dollars to a local charity. Most people give away more money, per year, to their local church. So, when a billionaire gives away a million dollars they are probably not doing it out of the goodness of their heart. More likely they are giving away the money on the advisement of their publicist in order to improve their popularity in the media.

400 Richest Americans