Application of the Critical Theory

The 'Liberals Downfall' was a short article written by Sue Walbridge criticizing her fellow liberals for their silence in the face of conservatism. She states,

"Liberals are a strong and powerful voice when we are united in our hearts and minds, and united in our Cause. We were instrumental in ending a senseless political war, establishing equal rights, elevating the status of women, raising environmental awareness and establishing environmental laws. Not bad for a group that has been labeled 'responsible for all that's wrong in our country'" (Walbridge).

I agree with Walbridge, in the sense, that the 'liberal's voice' has been silent and unified for far to long. What she fails to address is why, a far more important question, the 'liberal's voice' has become silent and unified. Hence one of the reasons why this site exist and its promotion of the 'Critical Theory'. Liberals need to better educate themselves about the environment in which they live. Meaning, how capitalism works, its appropriation of the surplus value of the collective, and its commoditification of every aspect of our modern society. Critical Theorist have discovered why society is not pushing forward. Once the discoveries of Critical Theorist are more known by those who wish to push society towards Alternative Future #3, real and lasting change for the better can occur.

There is one exception to Walbridge's article that I do not agree with, which is, her assertion that the conservative's greatest fear is that of change. In countless discussions and occasional discourses with real conservatives, their fear has never been that of change. What they fear is hasty and reckless change. There is a difference. The conservative mindset believes that a very slowly push forward would make far greater progress. This fact gives a better picture of the real struggle between liberals and conservatives. In light of this minor criticism, in no way lessens my humble opinion that Walbridge's article is well worth the read.

At the request of the author, the copy of her article that was posted on this site, in accordance of terms of the 'Fair Use' doctrine of the U.S. Copyright law, has been removed. If you would like a copy of her article, I suggest that you make your request to Sue Walbridge ( or Sue Duncan (, owner/publisher of "The Liberal Times" where the article was originally published.