Application of the Critical Theory

Over the last 150 years,

  • Unions gave US higher wages;
  • Unions set the pay standard for nonunion employers, so non-union employees could also received higher wages;
  • Unions gave US the weekend, so we didn't have to work;
  • Unions gave US 'Time-and-a-half' and 'double time,' so if we had to work, the sacrifice would be felt by the employers and not just the employee's families;
  • Unions gave US holiday pay, so we could share the wealth that the employers already enjoyed; and
  • Unions helped bring about unemployment compensation.
  • In short, Unions made this country great and created the 'Middle Class'!!! The sad thing is, Union concessions make corporate American rich. It's just that simple.

    (Feb. 11) Republican Gov. Scott Walker, in Madison Wisconsin, is attempting to make it illegal to belong to a union and collectively bargain for a better life. Creating a false budget crisis, caused by the lowering of the taxes on the wealthy and the corporations in his state, Gov. Walker is attempting to pay for the short-fall in his budget on the backs of union members (which includes the prison guard union, the police union, the firefighter union, the state employee union, and the teachers union, just to name a few). In solidarity with, I hope, the strike by all union members in Wisconsin to 'Kill that Bill' AND fire Gov. Walker, here are the words to remember...

    (CHORUS) Solid-ar-ity for-ever, Solid-arity for-ever, Solid-arity for-ever, For the union makes us strong.

    When the union's inspiration, through the workers' blood shall run; There can be no power greater, anywhere beneath the sun; Yet what force on earth is weaker, than the feeble strength of one; But the union makes us strong.


    It is we who plowed the prairies, built the cities where they trade; Dug the mines and built the workshops, endless miles of railroad laid; Now we stand outcast and starving, midst the wonders we have made; But the union makes us strong.


    They have taken untold millions, that they never toiled to earn; But without our brain and muscle, not a single wheel can turn; We can break their haughty power, gain our freedom when we learn; That the union makes us strong.


    In our hands is placed a power, greater than their hoarded gold; Greater than the might of atoms, magnified a thousand-fold; We can bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old, For the union makes us strong.

    (CHORUS) Solid-ar-ity for-ever, Solid-arity for-ever, Solid-arity for-ever, For the union makes us strong.
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    Help Stop the Media Black-Out, demand your local media outlet to report on the battle to save the unions in your local state. Here are some helpful news reports to get you started:
    (08-12-08) - Study says most corporations pay NO U.S. income tax - "The Government Accountability Office [a.k.a. The GAO] said 72 percent of all foreign corporations (doing business in the US) and about 57 percent of U.S. corporations paid no federal income tax for at least one year between 1998 and 2005."
    (07-13-09) - President Barack Obama's Top Contributors.
    (04-01-10) - What The Top U.S. Companies Pay In Taxes - "The most egregious example is General Electric. Last year the conglomerate generated $10.3 billion in pretax income, but ended up owing nothing to Uncle Sam." When will US citizens demand that corporations, doing business in the US, pay their back taxes?!? If they can't pay their taxes in 3 months, the federal government should revoke their 'articles of incorporation,' jail all the CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs & the board of directors who ran the corporation (like in Al Capone's case), and sell the corporation's assets to recoup the lost tax dollars. Its our money! They stole it thru price gouging. Let us break up these billion dollar corporation! Let us end corporate's policy of 'Gouge if you can'!!

    (09-09-10) - The Truth About Rick Snyder's Record at Gateway.
    (09-16-10) - New Virg Bernero ad says Rick Snyder made $14 million as Gateway outsourced jobs.
    (11-08-10) - New Governors Kill $1.2 Billion High Speed Rail Lines in Ohio & Wisconsin by Brian Merchant.
    (01-13-11) - Illinois tax hike: Will businesses flee to Wisconsin by Mark Guarino.
    (01-07-11) - Daley Resume Blends Politics, Business (President Obama's connection to J.P. Morgan) By Laura Meckler & Robin Sidel.
    (02-09-11) - DHS cuts off 18,000 college students from food stamps .
    (02-11-11) - Ohio bill gives clues as to what Gov. Walker has in store for Wisconsin unions.
    (02-15-11) - The Ed Show - Workers rally in Wisconsin.
    (02-15-11) - The Ed Show - Why Wisconsin union fight matters - John Nichols.
    (02-15-11) - Hundreds gather for protest at Walker's house.
    (02-15-11) - Wisconsin - Slide Show of Protestors.
    (02-16-11) - Wisconsin, Ohio target government union contracts.
    (02-17-11) - The Ed Show.
    (02-17-11) - Wisconsin Crowds Swell to 30,000; Key GOP Legislators Waver.
    (02-18-11) - New Jersey - Gov. calls for an END to collective bargaining.
    (02-18-11) - Protesters in Wisconsin shout 'Fox lies!' during Fox News segment (includes video; read the posters).
    (02-19-11) - Competing Wisconsin protests peaceful, draw thousands.
    (02-21-11) - Egyptians Order Pizza for Wisconsin Protesters.
    (02-21-11) - Donations To Ian's Pizza On State Street Help Feed Teachers' Protest In Madison, Wisconsin.
    (02-21-11) - Ian's Pizza Shop - Need to order a pizza for a protester?.
    (02-21-11) - Ohio, Indiana See Protests Against Anti-Union Bills (includes clip of Tom Morello).
    (02-22-11) - From Cairo to Madison, some pizza by Megan Gibson.
    (02-22-11) - The Ed Show - GOP strategy to undermine middle class.
    (02-22-11) - Virginia - Gov. Bob McDonnell is Anti-Union.
    (02-22-11) - Thousands rally against plan to eliminate collective bargaining.
    (02-22-11) - Workers' Rights Battle Goes National at Pivotal Time for Labor.
    (02-22-11) - US Uncut, a Grassroots Uprising Against Corporate Tax Deadbeats
    (02-22-11) - It's the Inequality, Stupid.
    (02-22-11) - Plutocracy Now: What Wisconsin Is Really About.
    (02-22-11) - Michigan governor proposes massive cuts to fund business tax cut by Andrea Peters.
    (02-22-11) - Where's The Funding?! Public Need vs Corporate Greed (This one takes 20 sec. to load).
    (02-22-11) - Ohio bill prohibiting state, college, and university workers from having a union.
    (02-23-11) - MSNBC Evening News - Better late, than never, I guess.
    (02-23-11) - 61% of Americans oppose taking away union bargaining rights.
    (02-23-11) - "And Now There Are 17 States Where Public-Sector Workers Are Protesting To Keep Their High Pay And Amazing Benefits" - The title of the last report is very amusing. The assertion in the title that union members don't deserve amazing benefits implies that only state representatives and corporate lackeys can have amazing benefits. I wonder if the compilers of this report are jealous or corporate sycophants.

    Lower wages and less benefits ARE COMING TO A STATE NEAR YOU!

    (02-23-11) - Prank Call between Billionary and Wis. governor discusses strategy to 'crush that union'.
    (02-23-11) - Part 1 of the Prank Call (about 10 min.)
    (02-23-11) - Part 2 of the Prank Call (about 10 min.)

    (02-24-11) - Constitutionality of emergency manager powers questioned: Critics say new law gives dictatorial powers to appointees By Eartha Jane Melzer.
    (02-24-11) - All teachers fired at Rhode Island school
    (02-24-11) - The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell - Make sure you watch the second part "Attack on Unions."
    (02-27-11) - Hacker Group "Anonymous" takes out 'Americans for Prosperity,' a right-wing website supported by Koch's brothers.
    (02-27-11) - UK Uncut and US sister group stage more protests at banks
    (02-28-11) - Uncut Comes to America, But Will It Catch On or Fizzle Out?
    When will President Obama and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine get off the fence and enthusiastically join the protester's side??
    When will President Obama make good on his promise.
    "If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when I'm in the White House,
    I'll put on a put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself.
    I'll walk on that picket line with you as president of the United States." (Click the link to see the video)

    Here are some helpful news reports to get you started for the month of March:
    (03-03-11) - America Is NOT Broke - Michael Moore in Madison, WI (29 mins.)
    (03-03-11) - The Ed Show - How Union membership is connected to your pay check, in a postive way, over the last 40 years.
    (03-03-11) - Bill offers few guidelines for use of emergency managers' powers By Eartha Jane Melzer.
    (03-03-11) - The Daily Show - Crisis in Dairyland: Angry Curds - Note the first 15 sec. contains an add.
    (03-03-11) - Polls Show Gov. Snyder's Popularity Is Plunging.
    (03-04-11) - Voters cool to Gov. Snyder K-12 cut.
    (03-08-11) - The Rachel Maddow Show - Part 2; titled "GPO Strategy: Disaster Capitalism") - How Gov. Snyder "emergency managers' powers" took away Michiganders voting power!!!
    (03-08-11) The Rachel Maddow Show - 11mins into the 1st part of the show. "In Michigan, the new Republican governor is a man named Rick Snyder. Rick Snyder does not get a lot of national attention, but boy, howdy, he ought to. What Governor Snyder is doing, I think, tells you in particular how clueless the Beltway press has been about what is actually happening in the states in Republican politics. If you listen to the Beltway press, even those who are willing to be critical of the Republicans, they say things like -- well, real fiscal conservatives would consider raising taxes as well as cutting spending to address their state's budget shortfalls. That is actually happening in some places. Look what they are trying to do in Michigan. Rick Snyder has proposed an actual tax increase. Michigan has a budget problem. So, he's going to do the responsible thing, right? He's going to raise taxes. He is going to raise taxes on seniors and on poor people -- $1.7 billion in tax hikes for Michigan seniors and Michigan's poor people, and for people who want to make tax deductible donation to public universities. Sorry, you know, Michigan has a budget problem. We're going to have to raise a whole lot of money from you. Poor people, old people, people supporting public schooling, you have to take the hit because the state needs to save that money. Is the state saving that money? No, the state is not. Governor Snyder is taking all of that money that the state will gain and he is not using it to close the budget gap. He is giving it away in the form of $1.8 billion in corporate tax cuts. He is taking in $1.7 billion in higher taxes from poor people an old people and giving it away, $1.8 billion to businesses. Net short term effect on the state's budget? Zero or worse. It is not about the budget. It is really not. It is not about the budget in Wisconsin, it is not about the budget in Florida, it is not about the budget in Ohio, it is not about the budget in Michigan. But what Michiganders know and what Michiganders have been trying to get the rest of the country to pay attention to is that what these Republicans are doing in the states is not just not about the budget. It's about something way worse than that. Stay with me for a moment here. There is more to this." (End Part 1)
    (03-09-11) - Michigan Senate approves breaking school labor deals.
    (03-09-11) - Emergency Financial Manager bill on the verge of passage: Despite union protests on Tuesday By Todd A. Heywood.
    (03-08-11) - Union radicals storm Michigan capitol to protest union plan.
    (03-08-11) - Michigan workers jam Capitol to protest union plan by David Bailey.
    (03-09-11) - Senate passes Emergency Manager legislation By Todd A. Heywood.
    (03-09-11) - The Rachel Maddow Show - Michigan GOP anti-democratic agenda Exposed.
    (03-09-11) - The Rachel Maddow Show - All Eyes On Wisconsin.
    (03-09-11) - The Lawrence O'Donnell - Newt's Marriage Excuse: Nuptially Challenged at 67.
    (03-09-11) - The Lawrence O'Donnell - Robert Reich & Howard Fineman.
    (03-08-11) - Shouts from protesters, Michigan Senate sets vote on emergency manager bill by Chris Christoff.
    (03-10-11) - Emergency managers bill sweeps toward final approval By Eartha Jane Melzer.
    (03-10-11) - Barack Obama, the Surprisingly Silent President.
    (03-10-11) - The Lawrence O'Donnell - Newt Gingrich, God, and the 700 club: Excuses.
    (03-10-11) - MI Governor Rick Snyder Now Has the Power to Suspend the Rights of the People.
    (03-10-11) - The Ed Show - Wall St. and Gas Prices: Goug if you Can.
    (03-10-11) - Rick Snyder's new tax plan could be immune from voter repeal by CHRIS CHRISTOFF.
    (03-11-11) - The Ed Show - The Next Battle: Time for a General Strike.
    (03-11-11) - Grand Rapids Press backs unilateral power for Emergency Managers By Eartha Jane Melzer.
    (03-11-11) - The Ed Show - Tucker Calson Lies and BS.
    (03-11-11) - MI Gov. Rick Snyder Trickery Shields His Tax Referendum From Voters.
    (03-11-11) - Gov. Scott Walker Refusing To Release Details Of Contacts With Koch Industries By George Zornick.
    (03-11-11) - Scott Walker Signs Wisconsin Anti-Union Bill Into Law.
    (03-12-11) - Thousands gather to protest Wisconsin union law.
    (03-12-11) - Massive crowd gathers to protest Wisconsin union law.
    (03-13-11) - Wisconsin fight goes national By Alexander Burns.
    (03-15-11) - A State's Right Why states, like Michigan, have the power to take over local governments by Richard T. Ford.
    (03-16-11) - Snyder to get Emergency Manager powers this week: Bill allows appointees to take over local governments, dissolve contracts by Eartha Jane Melzer.
    (03-16-11) - Protest Grows In Lansing by Laura Weber.
    (03-16-11) - Is Michigan the next Wisconsin? Protesters say yes by Kim Russell.
    (03-16-11) - More than a thousand protest in Michigan today.
    (03-16-11) - Students Protest University of Michigan's Decision to Name Gov. Rick Snyder Commencement Speaker.
    (03-16-11) - Snyder discourages protesters from camping out at Capitol by Paul Egan.
    MI Bill Analysis: Summary as reported from Committee. This is the one YOU need to read, for example "Require the plan to provide for, among other things, the modification, termination, or renegotiation of contracts, and, for school districts, an academic plan...Authorize the emergency manager to reject, modify, or terminate the terms of an existing contract or a collective bargaining agreement(CBA).".
    MI Legislature Bill Search. Use this link to find and read the bills described in the above 'Bill Analysis,' for example...
    MI SENATE BILL NO. 0112.
    MI SENATE BILL NO. 0113.
    MI SENATE BILL NO. 0153.
    (03-17-11) Ways & Means chief David Camp wants to return to 1931 tax rate for elite rich by Meteor Blades.
    (03-18-11) Wisconsin judge halts state budget law curbing unions' power by Michael Martinez.
    (03-18-11) Judge temporarily blocks Wisconsin anti-union law: Lawsuit argues Republican lawmakers violated state open meetings laws By Jeff Mayers.
    (03-18-11) Snyder supporters silent so far + video.
    (03-18-11) 300 Lansing HS students face suspension for protesting by Bob Brenzing.
    (03-18-11) City worker facing layoff jumps to his death.
    (03-18-11) Judge blocks Wisconsin union collective bargaining law by Stephanie Condon.
    (03-18-11) House Ways and Means Committee chairman David Camp plans to lower Corporate and individual tax rates from 35% to 25% by John Kee.

    For those of you who are anti-union, don't care, or can't understand why all of this is the most important story of the year, allow me to explain in simple English. If Gov. Walker's and 'King' Snyder's bills become a law, lower wages and less benefits ARE COMING TO A STATE NEAR YOU! Over the last 30 years, republicans, the 'fiscal conservative,' 'compassionate conservatives,' and the rest of the right-wing 'thinkers' have helped STOP the rich from paying taxes, sent our good paying jobs overseas, and then our children to murder and/or die for their 'oil futures' to gain record profits!! Are you really that stupid to think that exempting the rich from paying taxes, lowering your wages, decreasing your benefits, for YOU and YOUR neighbor, for any reason, is good for this country?!? This is class warfare thru economic genocide!!!

    Let us tax the rich to balance the budget!!!

    And now some hummor, at the expense of the rich and powerful ...
    Don't forget, linked to some the cartoons are articles with more information.

    Here is Something to Think About - What is Corruption?
    First posted in 02-22-2011